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Marsh at Shelter Cove, Hilton Head, South Carolina

My husband, Jeff, and I spent this week in South Carolina on vacation.  We are at Hilton Head staying at a beautiful Marriott Resort with wonderful views of the marsh from our villa.  When we arrived last Saturday, it was warm and sunny, a refreshing change from the cold and snowy conditions we left in the north.

This morning, however, the scenery is changing as storms are moving in.  The landscape which appeared beautiful, clear and sunny all week is now covered by a thick layer of fog which completely changes the view from our villa.


As I stare out at the foggy marsh I am reminded how similar our lives are to this landscape.

Foggy Marsh, Shelter Cover, Hilton Head, South Carolina


We all have good times when things are calm and peaceful, just like the clear and sunny days here.  Everyone faces hard times when life seems to be throwing one challenge after another on top of us, like the fog settling in on this marsh.  Then there are the stormy days when life becomes so overwhelming that we can’t see or feel anything except the pain and hurt of the situation, like thick clouds and pounding rain.

Stormy Marsh, Shelter Cove, Hilton Head, South Carolina


As I watch the appearance of this landscape change from calm to foggy to stormy and then back to calm, it occurs to me that the landscape itself didn’t change at all.  The water is still where the water was, the marsh fields remain in the same spots, and the homes over on the other side are still there.  Bad weather comes and changes sunny and clear to dark and foggy, calm water to rough water, and gentle breezes to stiff winds.  Although the appearance changes drastically, the landscape remains the same.

The same is true of our lives IF we have built our foundation on God and His promises.  Good times, hard times, and absolutely devastating times will always be a part of life, there is nothing we can do to avoid them.  We can, however, control how we respond to these situations IF we choose to place our trust in God by accepting His Son, Jesus Christ, as our personal Savior AND choose to claim our freedom in Christ which is provided to us as a benefit of our salvation.

Although I accepted my salvation at the age of 12, I didn’t claim my freedom in Christ until I was almost 40.  Attempting to live in my own strength all those years in between resulted in failure and being battered by every storm.

My friend, have you chosen salvation AND claimed your freedom in Christ? Salvation guarantees your eternity in Heaven, claiming your freedom in Christ enables peaceful living here on earth.

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  1. Thank you Karen, that is worth considering.

  2. Cheri says:

    An incredible way to look at things! As the wind blows hard here in Colorado it applies to what you have written! Just a reminder that no matter what’s happening on the outside, as long as you have God in your heart, on the inside, you can get through any storm! Thank you for the words to see more clearly.

  3. Karen says:

    I think your next book should be a daily devotional.

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